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Home Based Business Opportunity!

Here is an incredible opportunity to start up a small home based business with little to invest and lots to make.

Giving you the ability to work just on the weekends making this moonwalk rental business a part time job converting full time revenues! It’s simplicity to run is like no other. With very little to maintain you can expand when you want. Not to forget that this type of work brings smiles to little faces and that’s a reward on its own. This operation require's no specific skills and it generates it's own business.

Here is a chart that a low-average rental company would be making based on a low rental rate of $75.00


03 Bouncers
05 Bouncers
09 Bouncers
15 Bouncers
21 Bouncers
35 Bouncers
50 Bouncers




As a startup company it is very important to really do a good amount of research on the manufacturer you want to buy from! This is important because you want to get the best performance out of your inflatable bouncers. In your research pay close attention to the material used, workmanship, warranty, and a fair price (not too high & not too low).

At this point you are ready to choose your units. To choose your units wisely make sure to follow these rules of thumb:

  1. Before anything find out who your potential client is and make two or three target profiles.
  2. Make sure you to do a little research on your targeted profiles to know what their needs and capabilities are.
  3. Consider units that are for males, females, and unisex. Ex. A young boy would like a truck house, a little girl would like a princess castle, but both will like a unit that is not sex oriented such as slides or slide & bounce combos.

Now you are ready to get yourslef a home based business!

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